Supporting and Honouring Outstanding Contributions to Life-Long Learning and Education 

Empower Education Conference

Teach Connect organizes Conferences for educators, leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers to promote learning and sharing of information.


Irrespective of the Conference, the purpose of these events is to provide participants with an exceptional environment that provides access to fresh information to outstanding practices and research evidence in the field of interest.

TC Sports' Day

Teach Connect’s Sports Day is usually a  one-day event dedicated to professionals promoting health and fitness. 


This event occurs once a year, during which everyone in the community is invited to engage or support  any athletic game, sports or fun activity they fancy. 

Teach Connect Awards

We celebrate, promote and honour excellence and devotion in teaching, volunteering and research.


We celebrate individuals who demonstrate great talents, efforts and commitment towards shaping a better future and world.


Teachers' Day

On the 5th of every October, Teach Connect celebrates and honour teachers who have, and are contributing to the education system of Cameroon and world wide.


Each year, nominated and excellent teachers receive the Teach Connect Award of Teaching Excellence.