Learning Communities

Creating networks with a focus on learning

Working with schools to make a difference in the learning experiences of students

We  support schools and educators differentiate their instructional practice and efforts through  professional learning communities (PLC).  We offer expert and teacher-led continuous development programmes equipping teachers with the right information, tool kits and resources necessary for collaborative practices, subject mastery and personal growth that contributes to students' learning.

Working through PLCs

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Through PLCs


 Teach Connect offer teachers and other professionals with opportunities  to reflect on their practices and identify areas needing enhancement and development. We use formal and informal interactive learning activities, and focus on improving existing knowledge, while at the same time building new skills that can enrich professional practices that have a bearing on student's learning. We provide teachers with thinking and planning tools that can strengthen their practice.


Our events are tailored and flexible to meet learning and development needs

Our interactive staff support programmes are designed to provide teachers with creative and evidence based  pedagogic content, knowledge and insight into how to help children grasp their subjects and improve on outcomes.


These programmes are also delivered in schools, to empower and encourage reflective teaching, which draws on teachers' analysis of their practices. 


Teach Connect has a research community for primary and secondary teachers interested in Action Research in Education.  We  support teachers who are passionate to improve on their practices.

Science Teachers' Network Series

The STNS is a professional networking of science teachers who are passionate about extending the boundaries of their subjects in an interdisciplinary manner through collaborative learning using the EXCEL Framework. This group meets twice a year to reflect and encourage peer-to-peer learning. These interactive sessions are geared towards enriching professional knowledge and practice through innovative and creative ways of teaching science subjects. The programme is open to teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology.


Our STNS produces a yearly bulletin on Science Education.