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 Conference info

We are pleased to invite you to submit a research abstract for our 4th Annual Rethinking Education Conference- REC 2023. The theme for the conference this year is Reimagining Education for the 21st Century. The conference welcomes papers from a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects with a focus on education that covers four streams 


· Stream one Effective Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

· Stream two Inclusive Leadership 

· Stream three Innovation in Education

· Stream four Technology in Education 


The REC is our flagship education event that brings together academics, practitioners, school principals and teachers, students, parents, NGOs, and industry experts to deliberate on the future of education. On that note, we will be delighted to have you present and share the impact of the amazing research work you have done or are doing to advance our knowledge and practice in education at the conference. 



4th Rethinking Education Conference:

Reimagining Education for the 21st Century 


Important Information

Conference Venue: To be communicated

Conference Date: 21-22 July 2023

Abstract Submission: 25 March 

Results of Abstracts: April 2023

Full Paper Submission: 31 May 2023

Purple Podiums




Secondary/High School Students          2.500 francs CFA 


Undergraduate                                        5.000 francs CFA 

Postgraduates                                         10.000 francs CFA 


Educator                                                  15.000 francs CFA 

EdTech Startups                                      20.000 francs CFA

School proprietors                                25.000 francs CFA 

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Stream one: Effective Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

  • Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning

  • School Effectiveness

  • Schooling in the 21st Century

  • Inclusive Education and Community Based Education


 Stream two:  Inclusive Leadership 

  • Leadership and Management in Education

  • Leadership Development,  Policy, and Practice

  • Resource Management

  • Emerging Leadership and Management practices


Stream three: Innovation in Education

  • Innovations in Pedagogies

  • Innovative Practices

  • STEAM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

  • Robotics


Stream four: Technology in Education 

  • Technological Trends in Education

  • Data Informed school-based decision making

  • Gamification

  • Virtual, artificial intelligence, and computer based-learning

Education Conference 2023-2.png


Given our desire to ensure the conference is impactful and relevant for practitioners and researchers interested in the various streams, contributions for this year’s conference can either be a presentation or a workshop format.

Regardless of the format you chose for your abstract,  you are encouraged to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, as well as its relevance to researchers and practitioners in the areas of education broadly, technology,  teaching, learning, and school leadership and management. 


When  submitting your abstract, you should ensure that the document;

For Presentation

·    Has a header (bold), and the key terminologies or words of your abstract h 

·    Has your name and address

·    Be written in English

·    The content of the abstract should be between a length of 400- 600 words maximum 

For Workshop

·    Has a header (bold), and the key terminologies 

·    Has your name and address

·    Be written in English

·    The content of the abstract should be between a length of 400- 600 words maximum showing the aim or objectives of the workshop and methodology


For Poster

*Strictly form researchers with preliminary findings of their project 

·    Has a title or header (bold), and the key terminologies 

·    Has your name and address

·    Be written in English

·    The content of the poster showing the abstract, background information, project aim or objective, methodology, findings, conclusion, and the references

Submit your abstract to and take advantage of the early submission discounted rates.

Download the abstract template here

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