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Strenghtening Capacities in Schools

Engaging schools  in developing innovative interventions through capacity development that strengthens distinctive features of success



Promoting professional Learning Communities

TC in Schools is a whole school-based programme designed to support collective learning and system innovation in schools. We provide schools with tailored staff capacity building trainings, to enhance their capability and efficiency in providing contextually meaningful learning experiences to their students. The programme operates through short and long-term collaborative partnerships with schools with specific transformative or learning objectives that also help in reducing achievement gaps.


Our efforts to  enhance learning and the quality to schooling experience for all stakeholders are channeled through;

  • Executive coaching on school performance

  • Professional learning communities for teachers

  • Establishing student-led learning clubs like the Enterprise and leadership development programme for students

Under these categories, we work collaboratively;

  • to help schools improve achievement levels
  • to maximise returns on investments 
  • to support students' formal and informal learning  
  • to promote staff development and efficacy 
  • to help students build entrepreneurial leadership skills


The programme is designed to deliver cost effective solutions to school-based learning issues and developmental needs, and tackles issues like low performance (financial, staff, leadership and management as well as student learning outcomes), staff commitment and student management initiatives.

Professional Learning Communities 

We support the cultivation of learning groups and professional dialogues across subjects or schools to improve teachers' confidence and capability to enhance their teaching and assessment practices in their classrooms. In these groups, teachers work collaboratively to plan, observe and discuss their teaching practices to develop teaching and learning toolkits to support their students.


The aim of the programme is improve students' learning  through quality teacher learning, dailogue and development.

Executive Coaching for organisational Performance 

This consultative unit provides internal assessments and analysis that helps leaders identify and evaluate their organisation's specific characteristics, including its resources, capabilities, and core competencies and how to align these resources to their goals, objectives and aims.


The aim of the programme is to support schools and business accelerate performance by supporting their strategic decisions making process.

TC Young Professionals

The TC Young Professional programme is a skills development programme for students to support the development of  leadership and enterprising skills whereby students are given a voice to engage in the decisions that shape their learning, lives and aspirations. 

The aim of this programme is to encourage student agency, and its geared at transforming students into confident global citizens who can also demonstrate critical thinking skills, problem solving and  active leadership

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