Leadership Learning Network

Enabling leaders identify, mobilise, execute and transform their organisations with agility

Leading Cultures of learning

The Leadership and Learning Network  is a leadership and management based learning community with two strands, one -LLN-Ed for educational leaders (head teachers and school principals) and the other LLN-Bs for business leaders, who  keen on developing strategic leadership and management skills with a focus on performance, team cohesion and staff empowerment as well as overall corporate effectiveness and improvement. 


Overall, the LLN community depending on the strand, meets once a year to reflect on leadership practices, generate new and creative ideas of leading effective schools and businesses. It encourages the sharing of best practices, and the development of  connections and network that could enhance corporate performance.

Our aim is to support the development of leadership, management and organisational capacity that are relevant to lead, support and sustain positive transformations in schools 

We  conduct  research on leadership and management, and also run assessments programmes to enable the development of effective advisory and support services to develop and support leaders in their work. We specialise on leadership and learning,  team engagement, performance and organisational excellence.  

Our work is strictly educational and is geared at developing effective leadership and management practices that can guarantee organisational excellence.