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The TC Learning Village has emerged  from the EXCEL programme- an education pilot programme in community homes in Cameroon (Buea and Yaoundé) that sought to provide interventions for mathematics, literacy and critical thinking skills

The TC Learning Spaces provides learning opportunities for children between the ages of 4-16yr and relies on  5 core subjects that are designed to be culturally responsive to the learner's contextual realities

Functional Mathematics

Functional Language 

Personal Education

Enterprise Education

Material Science, Design and Technology

Our summer school is scheduled for September 2020 with the STEAM club.


The oneGirlCan is a programme designed to educate, empower and build social and economic capacities in young girls and women. 

The programme looks at;

Self discovery and personal Awareness

Issues with transitioning from a girl into a woman

Access to financial services and technical skills

Health and social Issues