We Believe 

We believe everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, age, gender and orientation (political or religious) has the right to education, access to information, knowledge and the opportunity to acquire the relevant skills and tools to actively learn, grow develop and succeed. 

What We Do

We facilitate access to information, active engagement and skills development (capacity building) for individuals, teams and institutions


We do this via collaborative and engaging learning communities  through which we provide opportunities to inspire action and facilitate knowledge exchange for capacity building and collective success.

Who We Are

We are an independent research-oriented group of practitioners (with a non political or religious agenda) promoting active learning and capacity development in communities. 

Our History

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Our People

Mary-Therese Ngwa

HR and Welfare Officer

Igor-Aristide Azeyeh 

Studio Manager

Jisette Ngouemeta

Programme Coordinator

Elvis Chiella 

Financial Officer 

Senge Raissa Etuge 

Programme Coordinator

Henry Koge M 

Head of Operations

Raissa Linwa

Administrative Officer

Valery Akuo 

Programme Coordinator

Laurantine Tatah E 

Studio Manager

Judith Tangang

National Coordinator