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Nurturing Creativity

The Young TC Professional programme is an enriching learning programme designed to cultivate problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation skills. The Let’s Create and Share and Let’s Dr@w and Talk challenge empowers young minds to tackle social challenges with confidence, fostering a spirit of creativity and resilience.

About the Challenge

The TC Young Professional Creative Challenge originated from the Let’s DR@W, WRITE & TALK Challenge which officially took off in 2020, to identify, recognise, reward, and celebrate creative children in the domain of creative writing, problem-solving, creativity, design, artwork, communication, and presentation skills.


As part of the EXCEL Learning Programme, the challenge provides an opportunity to engage children in a 3-week intense problem-to-solution sprint where they are encouraged to utilise their academic knowledge creatively to find and provide solutions to specific problems to bring about positive change and transformation in their immediate environment.  As a learning activity, it is designed to give children a voice to issues that affect their lives with an immersive experience of a particular learning situation. 

The challenge is self-directed (choice-based) and allows children to complete the chosen task at home over a period of 3 weeks.  

2023 Winners

Celebrating talents!

About the Challenge 

The TC Young Professional Challenge offers a dynamic platform for kids to unleash and showcase their imagination and creative ability (their artistic, scientific, and technical potential) in addressing complex societal issues.


The challenge offers an opportunity for children to choose a specific social issue and immerse themselves in a thought-provoking journey of self-expression, problem-solving, and solution design with originality in addressing a problem they care about.


To participate, the child should be;

  • between 8-16 years of age and of Cameroonian nationality or from other other nationality but resident in Cameroon.

  • registered in a duly registered school in Cameroon

  • able to present their idea independently

If you would like to enroll your children in this challenge, you are invited to follow the registration process and support your child complete the task before the submission deadline.

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Step 1 

Complete the registration form and provide your candidate's photo.

Step 2

Pay your registration fees and get your participant's code (ID).

Step 3

Engage with the task and ensure you follow the guidance on the task brief. 

Acceptable PDF format and structure

  • Title with Author’s name and word count 

  • Write up (body of the essay)

  • Maintain 2.0 line spacing in the writeup

  • Ensure the text is evenly justified 

  • Author’s Address



The TC Young Professional Clubs 

Register for the 2024 Edition of the TC YPC

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YEP is a Teach Connect Young Enterprise Professional (TCYPE) programme with a unique focus and emphasis on entrepreneurial learning. This experiential programme follows an enterprise design pathway to inspire creative problem-solving solving a drive for social change.


The programme adopts an interdisciplinary approach with subjects like, but not limited to Science Technology, Design, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) which takes into consideration indigenous knowledge and practices. 

Although participation for children is free, we work in partnership with schools to provide learning resources. 

The programme operates 3 clubs

  • Enterprise Lab

  • Money Lab

  • Data Lab

Get in Touch

The TC YEP Porgramme 

Thanks for submitting!

Energising Learning..

Creating opportunities for children to learn with passion and without pressure.

Schools we work with 

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