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TC Young Professionals

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Promoting Growth Mindset and inspiring Creative Minds

The Teach Connect Young Professional (TCYP) programme is a unique learning experiential programme designed to inspire creative problems solving and growth mindset in children. The programme offers a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects that cut across subject like, but not limited to STEAM, Enterprise Education and Financial Literacy, Material and Science of manufacturing  with field work that offers possibilities of having alternative pathways to education.

Club Acivities

The Young Teach Connect Professional offers club activities in schools to encourage children to become active in developing solutions to problems that affect their lives and communities. These clubs include;

  • The Data Club (data science, mathematics, literacy and problem-solving using data)

  • The Enterprise Club (social enterprise activities, financial literacy, and problem solving)

  • The STEAM Makers Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)

  • Public Speaking an Creative Writers

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