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Strengthening School Accountability 

To support schools become more effective, the EmpowerED initiative was designed to serve as an assessment and developmental tool, to guide improvement efforts directed at improving a school’s effectiveness in the areas of instructional activities and its management, organizational leadership, and financial efficiency. The framework offers a unique opportunity for schools to measure their overall performance against five core domains using 16 main indicators.


As an assessment tool, the framework allows assessors to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, across the standards and indicators, from which insights could be obtained for structural and professional development.

Providing Schools with Actionable Insights 

Core Pillars

Ongoing wth self-adjustment mechanisms 

Data Driven 
Evidence informed 

360-degree Performance Assessment
Diverse stakeholder input  

EmpowerED Features 

Enhancing school improvement and teacher capacity building for innovation




Tailored Support 


Aligned with National Standards


Locally Focused


Innovation driven

The effectiveness, performance, and accountability of schools are crucial factors in shaping the educational experience of students. The EmpowerED Initiative offers a framework with domains (metrics and indicators) to assess a school's effectiveness, with opportunities for school leaders to measure their effectiveness and use the data to drive improvements in educational outcomes.

We know Public Examination Scores (national assessment grades/scores or percentage passed) have always been the key reference or indicator for judging a school’s effectiveness, and though they have been useful, we believe it is time to shift from this narrowly oriented index of judging a school’s quality,  to widen the frame of accountability and performance assessment. The EmpowerED Index presents a system for schools to build capacity for improvement across a multi-faceted performance framework with different indicators. Our commitment to strengthening and supporting schools and educators to build capacity for innovation to attain optimal performance and desired results in their daily operations has led to the development of the Effective School Index.

EmpowerED Projects 


School Performance Evaluation

As a school performance evaluation tool, the Index offers a standard to benchmark, assess, and gauge a school’s effectiveness and overall performance. It also offers an accountability lens through which spending on education can be justified.

The  EXCELLENT Teacher project is a 3-year ongoing professional learning and development programme designed to support an integrated approach to professional learning and growth through PLCs to build teachers capacity for innovation and effective teaching.

LeadUp is a 3 years self-determined leadership development programme designed to help and support incumbent school administrators develop leadership and management skills, and competencies to build competitive advantage.


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Get Involve 

To learn more about how you or your school can participate in the assessment, or projects  please contact us via email

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