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What We Do

We support learning and skills development through collaborative endeavours from individuals, groups, and organisations seeking positive transformation and innovation.


Fundamentally, our work is driven by participatory action research designs that involve a collaborative approach to identifying and understanding social issues and taking informed action steps to bring about social change and innovation.

Working with Schools

Building Capacity for Visible Learning and  Innovation

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Working with Entrepreneurs

Developing Resources to for Entrepreneurs Optimise the Value of their Ideas and Brands

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Working with Researchers 

Developing Research Competences for Valuae and Impact

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Working with the Community 

Strenghtening community development through Learning and Application

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01 Research

Research in Education and Enterprises 

  • Application of Competence Base Education

  • Science Teacher Assessment Project

  • Use of Technology and Data 

  • Developing Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

02 Consulting

Providing Solutions to Accelerate Performance 

We help schools and enterprises find alignment in their strategy, people, and resources to optimise their results.  We enable our partners to identify their OKRs and map them to enterprise activities with tools to guarantee and measure their performance and overall progress.

03 Capacity Building

Empower Capacity Development

Helping organizations build capacity and competence to optimize their output and outcome.

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Opportunities for Researchers, Educators and Leaders 

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CO-CREATe and The Enterprise Lab 

To learn how we support individuals and communities to move from an idea to a brand or scale up an existing venture, contact the Enterprise Lab- at

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