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Providing school leaders and managers with professional services, information, and bespoke resources to optimise their strategic approach to their leadership role to transform people and societies through learning.

Innovative and Adaptive Strategies to Thrive

Enabling leaders identify, mobilise, execute and transform their organisations with agility and confidence.

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Leadership Learning Network

The Leadership and Learning Network (LLN) is a professional development community focused on leadership and management. It consists of two branches: LLN-Ed, catering to educational leaders such as head teachers and school principals, and LLN-Bs for business leaders. The network aims to help members enhance their knowledge of strategy development and execution. The community convenes annually, providing a platform for members to reflect on leadership practices and generate innovative ideas for improving schools and businesses.

Our mission is to cultivate leadership, management, and organizational capabilities that support positive transformations and innovations in educational and business settings.

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Leadership Development Courses 

Discover our exclusive Leadership Development Programme and Short Courses for school leaders and managers.

Enhance your skills and unlock your potential with our comprehensive training programmes and courses with opportunities to gain practical and valuable knowledge to advance your professional growth. 

The LeadUP Programme and courses embody our commitment to empowering leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills required to lead individuals and organizations toward success. Our goal with the programme is to empower leaders with tools to revolutionize teaching and learning in their schools, in ways that effortlessly translate and align government policies with innovative practices. 

With LeadUP, we delve into the very essence of leadership, exploring the intricate interplay of instructional, distributed, transformational, and managerial models. 

The leadership domains within the LeadUP Initiative are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. From setting a compelling vision to fostering collaborative environments for learning, from managing resources effectively to driving change and innovation, LeadUP encompasses a comprehensive range of competencies that are essential for thriving in the dynamic world of education.

With LeadUP, we invite schools to break free from the shackles of traditional administration and governance models and practices. We beckon them to embrace a new era of leadership, one that is rooted in vision, empowerment, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us on this transformative journey and let LeadUP be the guiding light in your quest for educational excellence.


Programme Outline

Module 1 - School Leadership, Accountability, and Performance Management

  • Introduction to Educational Leadership and Management

  • Understanding the Role of the School Leaders from a System Perspective

  • Policy, Practices, and Governance of School Administration and Leadership

  • New Perspectives of Educational Leadership

  • School Accountability and Improvement



Module 2 - Leading Self, Leading Teams, and Organisational Leadership

  • Leadership Audit and Philosophy

  • Building a Culture of Excellence

  • System Leadership for School Effectiveness and Improvement

  • Building Professional Learning Communities

Module 3 -  Instructional Leadership

  • Leading and Managing Learning and Teaching

  • Improving Teaching Practices and Curriculum

  • Teacher Observation, Feedback and Coaching

  • Applying Educational Research

  • Leading Organisational Learning

Module 4 - Setting Direction (Vision and Strategic Planning) and Transformational Leadership 

  • Introduction Transformational Leadership

  • Developing Vision, Mission, Core Purpose, and strategic Priorities

  • Strategy and Culture Development

  • Resource Gathering and Mobilisation

  • Engaging stakeholders for Transformation and Growth


Module 5 - Using Technology and Data

  • Developing the School’s Technology and Data Usage framework

  • Digital Leadership

  • Using Assessment Data to Drive Improvement

  • Academic Technologies and Data Tracking Systems

  • Progress Monitoring Practices


Module 6 - Accelerating Capacity for Innovation and  Growth

  • Building Public-Private Partnerships

  • Positioning and Marketing the School

  • Managing Change Initiatives

  • Sustaining Progress and Continuous Improvement

We also research leadership and management in schools and enterprises and run a coaching programme to support leaders in their work. We specialise in leadership and learning, change management, team engagement, organisational performance, and excellence.  

Our work is strictly educational and geared at developing effective leadership and management practices that can guarantee organisational excellence.

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