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Strengthening Capacities in Schools

Engaging schools  in developing innovative interventions through capacity development that strengthens distinctive features of success



Promoting professional Learning Communities

Building the Future of Teacher Professional Standards and Development

Empowering learner-centred and value-based education


Building Schools of the Future 

To support schools in Cameroon and Africa in building capacity (appropriate structures, processes, and tools) for effective inclusive teaching and learning for the 21st century, we have developed the TC Excellent Teacher Project with Professional Standards and short courses to serve as a reliable co-created pathway for professional development with impact on students outcome. The development of this project and courses have emerged as a response to the lapses in the current professional development practices and our desire to answer three fundamental questions.

  1. At what level (i.e. professional, technical, pedagogical, or personal) are teachers’ developmental needs met to prepare and equip them for their work?

  2. How much importance is given to the professional learning, and personal needs of teachers?

  3. What can be done to improve the condition of teachers and teaching in schools in Cameroon in an ever-changing context?

We believe that with the right intention, approach, resources, tools, and commitment, teachers can solve their most pressing practice-related problems. We also have substantial evidence suggesting that teacher can develop their efficacy if they actively engage in school-based research endeavors around their practice with ongoing reflections and team dialogues with constructive feedback.


The project aims to provide resources for teachers to develop capacity and expertise as instructional and learning coaches, who can work with other colleagues to develop their confidence and competencies in improving their pedagogy through collaborative professional learning.

Building the Future of  Teacher Professional Standards and Development 

The Excellent Teacher Professional Standards are a set of guidelines and criteria that define the knowledge, skills, and attributes expected of educators in their professional roles.


These standards outline the core competencies and behaviours that teachers are expected to demonstrate in their daily practice, covering areas such as teaching practices, professional relationships, and ongoing professional development.

The standards typically encompass various domains, including pedagogy, curriculum and assessment, professional learning, and ethical conduct. They provide a framework for evaluating and improving teacher performance, informing teacher education programs, and guiding professional growth and development.

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The EXCELLENT Teacher Project

Strenghtening Teacher and Teaching Quality

Criterion Based

The project is based on clear professional criteria to guide capacity for effectiveness in the areas of professionalism, pedagogy, subject knowledge, and technology and data usage for learning.


The project and course can be undertaken at your own pace or as part of a cohort to meet your specific professional learning needs.


The project is designed to support the implementation of contemporary theories and strategies with the Innovative Pedagogy Project

Supporting Schools Build Culture of Learning 

An approach to professional development that has been tested and validated by practitioners

The EXCELLENT Teacher Training Programme 

We provide short courses to help teachers become reflective practitioners with tools and resources to make learning fun and visible. 


Our courses encourage educators to explore innovative teaching methodologies, theories and models of technology integration, and strategies for fostering a student-centered learning environment. Modules include perspectives of learning and learners, digital literacy, personalized learning, leveraging educational technology, and cultivating critical thinking and creativity among students.


Teaching and Learning Support

The TC Young Professional programme is a skills development programme for students to support the development of leadership and enterprising skills whereby students are given a voice to engage in the decisions that shape their learning, lives, and aspirations. 

This programme aims to encourage student agency, and it is geared at transforming students into confident global citizens who can also demonstrate critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and active leadership. 

EXCEL .png

The EXCELLENT Teacher Network (Professional Learning Community) 

We help schools develop learning groups, and communities of practices, with tools to facilitate professional dialogues across subjects or schools to improve teachers' confidence and capability to enhance their classroom teaching and assessment practices.


In these groups, teachers work collaboratively to plan, observe, and discuss their teaching practices to develop teaching and learning toolkits to support their students.

Why Join the EXCELLENT Teacher Network

EXCELLENT Teacher Network


You will learn how to identify learning problems in your classroom.


You will learn how to lead pedagogic innovations in your classroom and school.


You will gain insights on how to design pedagogical solutions that are evidence-informed.


You will be part of our professional community with access to teaching resources.

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