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Doctorate Fellowship

Working with researchers and practitioners to improve education

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Our Activities 

We run a research cafe and a practice master class for researchers seeking to

Write for Publication

Helping researchers articulate thier ideas better and cohrenetly

Research Design

Supporting researchers scafold the design process of research projects 

Shawdow Supervision

Help with guidance and support with designing and executing a research project 

The Research Community

TC Research Community supports researchers to succeed and make an impact with their research.  It provides opportunities for ongoing learning and skills development programmes for members involved in research in the Social Sciences.  Through the Doctorate Fellowship programme, we support members with research-related resources, advice and training to enable them to succeed with their research projects. The Fellowship programme is also tailored to support individuals interested or involved in research-based degree programmes (Masters and Ph.D.), with supervisory support services.


Our monthly research events are designed to provide insights and practical tips on research.  Through the programme, Doctorate researchers can also benefit from financial assistance for fieldwork to individuals conducting research with the following focus; learning. teaching strategies, technology-enhanced learning, entrepreneurship, and leadership).


Our monthly sessions cover the following areas;


  • Planning a Research Project 

  • Research Design and Methodology

  • Designing Research Tools

  • Software Applications in Research

  • Academic Writing 

  • Research Collaborations and Research Grants


For more information send us an email at research@teachconnect.orgeedb

Join  the Research Community

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For more information, please send us an email to research@teachconnect.o

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