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Giving children's voice and creative power a  chance 

Junior Winner for 2020 edition of  Let's Dr@w, Write and Talk Challenge



3 Steps Submission checklist


Step 1 

Check that you have a two-page PDF document of 500 words maximum of the child’s essay (a write up)

Acceptable PDF format and structure

  • Title with Author’s name and word count 

  • Write up (body of the essay)

  • Maintain 2.0 line spacing in the writeup

  • Ensure the text is evenly justified 

  • Author’s Address



Step 2

Check the child's creation (Poster, arts, video etc)


Step 3

Check the video they have produced is of good quality in sound and visuals -describing their story and creation clearly


Step 4 

Submit your write up and video to

We will be celebrating and providing more support to children who will provide the best bespoke and creative write ups and artworks.

Important Note: We shall only consider submission  that are in before or by 6pm GMT +1 and meet the submission requirements described in step 1 and 2. Selected winners will be invited to submit further documents to facilitate identification. Good Luck!

The Let’s DR@W, WRITE & TALK Challenge is an annual event that seeks to identify and celebrate creative children in the domain of imagination, creative writing, problem solving, creative arts work, oracy and presentation skills. As a learning activity in itself, it is designed to give children a voice to issues that affect their lives and particularly their learning, education and future.


If you will like to enter your children for this challenge, you are invited to follow the registration process and support your child complete the task before the submission deadline.

Enter 2021 Edition and get a chance to win the TC Creative Prize

LDWT 2021.png

Registration for the Challenge ends on the 6th of June  2021.

Enter the 2022 Edition and get a chance to win the TC Creative Prize

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