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Enabling Student Success

16 July 2022 8:00am-16:30 GMT+1 ST Muna Foundation


Given that change is constant and learning never stops, we see a need to rethink how schools are equipping young people with the knowledge, confidence and tools that enable them take responsibility of the development and ownership over their future. In the past, schools gave students an education, which was a passport for a successful future, today, things have changed and that model no longer seems to be effective for thousands of students who are frustrated in life. As the world continues to embrace change, we believe schools today need to become more creative in their approach and orientation to learning and education, as well as how they support students develop individual talents and employability skills relevant for the 21st century.

The 2022 edition of TC Rethinking Education conference scheduled for the 16th of July 2022 with theme ENABLING STUDENTS SUCCESS, invites education stakeholders to rethink current educational practices and approaches geared at enabling and supporting student to succeed. The conference which follows from last’s year theme: Reframing the New Normal of Education, aims at exploring effective approaches to student engagement, support, achievement and success drawing from the curriculum design, delivery and assessment as well as the overall governance of the school. 

This year’s conference will focus on exploring how educational institutions are enriching and enhancing student success through all aspects of the school’s core activities of teaching and learning. The conference offers a unique opportunity for school authorities and educators who seek to provide outstanding student experience to rethink how their institutions are preparing students for life through specific dimensions of their teaching and learning practices.


Conference Aims

  • Provide a space for dialogue around the development of a holistic definition  and blueprint for  student success in the 21st century

  • Strengthen the knowledge and confidence of schools and educators in developing teaching approaches and learning support that can positively impact students’ success

  • Engage participants in developing a framework to strengthen and enrich student learning experience and increase their chances of success


Conference Details

Date: 16th July 2022

Location: Solomona Tande Muna Foundation

Who can attend: School Proprietors/Proprietress, Principals, Managers, Teachers, Parents, and Students


In order to explore the theme for this year’s conference, particularly how schools and educators can enhance students’ access to quality and contextually relevant educational and learning experiences for students’ success in life, participants will be invited for an open discussion to rethink

  • Our definition of Student Success in a 21st century era

  • How the education community is enabling student success

  • What kind of technologies can  enhance learning and enable student success


Join us to share and learn, network with passionate educators and work together to redesign how to enhance student success.


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Mr Ndika Tanjong
Solomon TANDENG MUNA Foundation



Mr Harry Shang 


British College -Yaounde

Shifting towards Inquiry and Project based learning


Mr Bechem Ayuk


Founder and Director

Brilliant Redemption

Technology enhanced learning: How technology enables student success


Dr Henry Koge

Head of Operations

Teach Connect

Defining Student Success in a 21st century era

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