Enabling children find and nurture the true potentials of their gifts and talents



Excel is a learning programme that provides learning opportunities to encourage children and young people in community homes develop functional and life skills that can help them succeed in life. With an interdisciplinary  approach to learning, the idea behind Excel is to  builds on the interest, gifts and talents of young people, using project based learning and self directed learning principles.  The programme has also led to our interdisciplinary teaching and learning approach - known as the EXCEL Teaching Framework which is a pedagogical approach with a purpose to inspire authentic learning.   






The One-Girl-Can initiative is a social enterprise programme that seeks to equip young girls with competences and confidence to strive (socially and economically) in today's world.  Through our volunteers, we design and deliver tailored support personalised and enterprising development programmes  to help rehabilitate young girls. We also help connect them to other NGOs and groups that could play a vital role in their development.


To get more information, involved or support any of these projects, please write us at: info@teachconnect.org


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