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Enter and  get a chance to win the TC Creative Prizes

The TC Young Professional Creative Challenge is a choice-based problem-solving challenge for children aged 8-16 to demonstrate their capacity to choose a specific real-world problem and develop a creative solution. Every year has a unique theme with a task and specific requirements. Once the task is released, the task is supposed to be completed within 3 weeks using local materials with knowledge from a wide range of subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design, Engineering, Geography, Mathematics, Home Economics, etc.


If you would like to enter your child for this year's edition, please use the link below.

Once you have registered your child, please pay the registration and participation fee of 2.000 CFA via Mobile Money (+237683245600) to get your participation code.


Note: If you are registering more than one child, ensure you fill in a separate form for each child.

The Challenge

Waste Management



Enter the Challenge

Register and get a chance to win the TC YPCC Prize for 2024

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Thank you for your entry!

Important Dates!

Deadline for Registration 30th June

Task Release 1st of July

Voting starts 21st July-10 August

Results Announcement 17  August

Award of Prizes 24 August

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