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Re-imagining Education

This is a .pgn file of the EmpowerED framewor is a school effectiveness assessment tool to help school leaders make informed strategic decisons

Empowering Education

The EmpowerED Index is a 360-degree School-based performance framework - a multi-source feedback model to track a school's performance and effectiveness against five core domains: teaching and learning quality, leadership quality, the facility and learning environment, community engagement, and students' school experience.


TC Young Professionals

The TC Young Professional programme is a club-based skills development programme for students to develop leadership, digital and enterprising skills. This programme aims to encourage student agency, and it's geared at transforming students into confident global citizens who can also demonstrate critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and active leadership. 

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Professional Development 

Our Professional learning development sessions and workshops are designed for teachers seeking to inspire and promote learner's metacognitive abilities. All sessions are framed within the context of the TC EXCEL Pedagogical framework and the need to equip teachers with skills to respond to the learning needs of their students in an inclusive fashion.

Improving Quality and Value in Education

Enabling the fusion of creative choices, ingenuity, technology and critical thinking 

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Our Work

We provide dynamic approaches to learning, bespoke professional training programmes, expert consulting, and meticulous quality assurance solutions to empower schools to achieve operational excellence, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth.


Consulting and Coaching for Performance

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 Quality Assurance and Performance Management for Schools

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Capacity Development for Teachers and School Leaders

Collaborators and Partners

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