Enterprise in Action

Enabling impactful  and meaningful enterprising activities

The Enterprise in Action is a transformative programme that seeks to equip students in secondary and high schools with an entrepreneurial experience and an opportunity to become real confident entrepreneurs and leaders. and takes them through our Enterprise Pathway


We believe that young people can contribute to the development of not only themselves but their communities. Through our enterprise programmes, we provide platforms to encourage and empower young people to be confident to pursue their dreams, aspiration and dreams.

During this programme, students are introduced to basics of enterprise activities,  project management concepts and are exposed on how to develop and generate business ideas, conduct market research, design a project, write business plans, pitch to a panel of investors, and launch their very own companies.

Benefit to participant​s

  • Gain confidence in pursuing ideas and dreams 

  • Learn project management skills to establish and execute plans

  • Engage with  a real business projects and gain  real-life experience

  • Learn to lead and manage a business operations

  • Learn communication and marketing skills relevant to ell services and product and make a profit

In collaboration with the Enterprise Lab, the Money Lab’s financial education programme offers individuals and communities access to information and skills development opportunities through enterprising activities to support and enable secure, smart and informed financial decisions for sustainable economic empowerment. The programme takes participants through its learning pathway.

Mental Box- Money Box- Strategy Box

The programme is tailored to meet the needs of students from primary school through working professionals. The programme introduces and connects key economic and psychological concepts to real-world scenarios to enable members get a better understanding of their money behaviours and habits. The programme’s curriculum is also designed to provide an interactive platform with resources and case studies that do not only addresses issues around financial literacy but also financial capability through entrepreneurial activities.

What the programme offers

  • Gain confidence to manage money and make smart money decisions

  • Learn financial terminologies and how they are applied

  • Learn how to cultivate responsible financial habits

  • Learn the basics of savings and investments 

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